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There is a strange thing that I've noticed about myself lately: when I see a movie in the theater that I REALLY like, I'm sitting there throughout the whole movie formulating a plan for what I'll write in my lj post when I get home. I have it all planned out and I'm all excited about the movie, but then I get home and I don't feel like getting online and writing out a review. I have no idea why this happens. When I see a movie at home I rush straight upstairs to the computer and write my thoughts right away. For instance, I wanted to write about 300 right after I saw it. I saw it twice. I never got around to writing my comments. I probably never will. I started to write my little review about PotC3, but I got tired of it and gave up. *shrug* Whatever. I'll comment on other people's reviews.

But I do think I need to write a few small thoughts on HP5. It's been a week-ish since I saw it, but I still remember a few important points.

Luna. She didn't look like I imagined her, but she acted PERFECTLY. I couldn't have dreamed of a better actor for her part. But... the actor's name is Ivana Lynch. I'm sorry, but that sounds like a KKK name if I ever heard one (Sounds like I wanna lynch). Hey, just saying...

But on the whole, I was more satisfied with this movie that I have been with any of the previous ones. I didn't feel as though they had left out anything CRUCIAL.


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