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This poll was on Sparknotes.com:

I just found it amusing... especially since I had previously been planning to vote for Colbert. Though I ended up not doing so since I didn't want to rearrange my schedule so I could vote and then throw my vote away.
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It would seem we have a new president.

I didn't really have much of an opinion between the two presidential choices this year, but you can probably guess that I'm very happy to see Sarah Palin defeated.
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The movie, Zoolander, was on last night, so I watched it. And I saw the mega irony in one scene of the movie. Should I make a joke about the gasoline crisis?

I think this is the US government at its best:
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Here is a great Op-Ed article written by Gloria Steinem (the famed feminist) on her thoughts on Sarah Palin. If you have the chance, read the whole thing -- she makes some good points.

This is the article.
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I love Heart.

Sarah Palin has been trying to use the song "Barracuda" by Heart as her theme song. Heart is, apparently, not happy. Here's an article about it.

And I just saw Heart in concert last month. I just thought I'd add that. :D

And I am NOT thrilled about Sarah Palin. In fact, she scares the crap outta me. Seriously. Have you seen the picture that has been used in many of the magazine articles about her? I sat down and read four different articles from different magazines the other day, and each article had the same picture -- Sarah Palin crouching over a dead Caribou -- its throat a bloody, gory mess, and its blood making a huge stain in the snow. The captions usually say something about her love of hunting and how she felled this Caribou all by herself. And we're supposed to be impressed.

In doing a google search for this picture, I found this website. It's about Palin's crusade against the planet. I know it's quite biased, but many of the things it says are true.

And speaking of bearskin rugs and such, one of the articles I read showed a picture of Sarah Palin sitting on her own couch, on which she had a bearskin. The caption said that Sarah Palin had told Vogue that though she decorated her home with fur, she wouldn't wear it. Is this supposed to be reassuring?

Of course, after reading all this, I can't help but to have a song stuck in my head:
Cruella DeVille, Cruella DeVille. If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will...
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This little "quiz" was provided to me by a professor at school...

According to this quiz, Hillary should be my candidate, with Obama coming in second.

I'm just surprised that McCain was fairly far down the list for me. Romney was supposedly the more likely Republican choice for me, at least, according to this quiz. I don't put much stock in internet quizzes, though.

To be completely honest, between Hillary and Obama I have no opinion. They're about equal to me. I actually ended up voting in the Republican primaries because I figured it would be a better idea to choose which of them I would prefer in the final race.

So I'm curious -- if any of you take this quiz, let me know if you got the person you really prefer.

(PS -- I'm still strongly considering writing in Stephen Colbert when the time comes...)


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