Jan. 17th, 2008 10:59 am
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This link was in Google Ads on a website I was looking at.

Does anyone know anything about this?
"Through Phantom Eyes"

Sounds like it might be glorified fanfiction?
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So I just read about a manga that I've never heard of before. It's called "A Midnight Opera", and I think it's LOOSELY inspired by The Phantom of the Opera.

Here's the description from PaperbackSwap:

For nearly a millennium, undead creatures have blended into a Europe driven by religious dogma... Ein DeLaLune is an underground Goth metal sensation on the Paris music scene, tragic and beautiful. He has the edge on other Goth music powerhouses...he's undead, a fact he's kept hidden for centuries. But his newfound fame might just bring out the very phantoms of his past from whom he has been hiding for centuries, including his powerful brother, Leroux. And if the two don't reconcile, the entire undead nation could rise up from the depths of modern society to lay waste to mankind.

The description in the magazine article I read says something else which was more what led me to believe there could be a connection, and I don't remember what that was. But I am noticing in this description that there is a character named Leroux, and it takes place in Paris. And "bring out the very phantoms of his past".

Anyone know this manga? I might be seeing things that aren't there, though. That is why I'm asking you guys. :)
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Look what I just got from paperbackswap.com!

Yaaaaaay! I finally have it. :D

(Yeah, I took a picture of my copy, but it turned out crappy, so I just googled an image instead.)
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I bring you more in my quest for Phantomy stuff!

ps: Yep, I'm home from my trip, safe and sound. :D
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For my English class I was supposed to write a paper on Pride and Prejudice, and my professor gave us several topics we could write about. One of those topics was comparing Pride and Prejudice to the Beauty and the Beast story... of course, I took this topic and turned it into an essay comparing Pride and Prejudice to PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. (heh) While my comparison might not get me the best grade (I accidentally kinda sorta went off on a tangent with the whole PotO thing), this essay did get me to do a LOT of deep thinking about Phantom, and I do believe I'm going to write ANOTHER essay for my own amusement and post it online... on that one writer's cafe website that I'm a member of but have yet to post to. Would anyone be interested in reading the essay I already have, or the one I plan to write in the future?

Anyway that is all. I have to go to health class now. >_


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